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Affordable Blinds and More!

The Story of Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington, NC. The Journey of a Blinds, Shutters and Shades installer turns in to a profitable retail window coverings store.


My name is Jeff. I am the president of Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington, NC. I am a third-generation window coverings expert in my family. I followed my mother and grandmother into the business.

I was raised in Wilmington, NC and I remember going to my mother’s drapery window treatments workroom as a child after school. At the time I didn’t realize it, but that’s when I started gathering knowledge of window coverings. As I grew, I started the window treatments that my mother’s window coverings workroom created in Wilmington, Southport and Leland, NC. By the time that i was 16, I was already installing blinds, shutters and window shadings for my mother and within a few months I was doing the same for several local designers in the Wilmington area.

By the time I was old enough for a “real” job, I had an impressive portfolio of work that I have installed in the window coverings industry. As an installer I have installed for companies like J C Penney, Ethan Allen and several home improvement stores.

I did not like installing for these large corporations because of the lack of passion that the employees had. As an installer, I would always be on the receiving end when angry customers vented their frustrations. I promised myself that I would learn a lesson from that–I would always remain passionate about the job I held for the remainder of my life. Clients who buy custom window coverings deserve to have a pleasant experience from conception to completion of the entire job.

I interrupted my career for a brief stint in the military. I joined the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, VA on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The Roosevelt is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. I stayed on the Roosevelt for four years, then when my contract was up in the U.S. Navy, I decided to move back to my home town of Wilmington, NC. Within a short time I opened my own window treatments store that sells blinds, shutters, shades, my mother’s draperies, retractable awnings and all the window coverings stuff that i had knowledge of. I opened the doors, started advertising and here I am over a decade later living the dream.

Thank you for reading my story. I have a blog on this website where I share my thoughts on window coverings such as blinds, shutters and shades.

Please take a look at it. I will keep it informative and you should find a ton of information about window treatments there.

God bless You,

Jeffrey Britt – President of Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington, NC